Welcome to Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy

Are you living in a new culture? Or going through a significant life transition, an unexpected change that is making you feel lost and isolated from what used to be safe and familiar?

“Cultural Sensitive Psychotherapy” provides a therapeutic space where you will feel understood and appreciated in the richness of your cultural background; where you will develop the strength to “cross the bridge” of difficult transitions, and emerge as a resilient and satisfied “life traveler”.

Meet Jessica Price

Psychotherapy and Coaching Services in English and Spanish in Bremen

Located in the city of Bremen (Northern Germany) “Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy” offers English and Spanish Psychotherapy and Coaching Services for migrants, international travelers, expats, sojourners, international students, teachers, staff and everyone who is facing significant cultural and personal life transitions that may trigger feelings of isolation, a sense of lost direction, grief and difficulties while managing complex life challenges.

At “Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy”, psychologist and coach Dr. Jessica Price recognizes and values her clients’ cultural backgrounds and identities, as she supports their development of a new, more fulfilling life while building strong resources to manage difficult transitions. Jessica Price specializes in individual and couple’s psychotherapy, as well as coaching and training services for international communities.

If you need someone who will understand how difficult it is to be “lost in culture” while managing multiple transitions, contact Jessica Price now.