Individual, Group, and Family Coaching


Individual Coaching

Coaching is a strategic and collaborative process where a coach facilitates the development of a person’s full potential; it is not about “fixing” something that doesn’t work, but rather, it is about helping a person by creating conditions for personal growth. Jessica Price conducts 60 minute “life coaching” sessions guided by the principles of narrative practice and resource building strategies from a culturally sensitive perspective.

A coaching client can learn how to develop a stronger, preferred sense of identity by daring to go beyond what is known (and dissatisfying) to alternative territories and new possibilities in their professional, personal and existential life realms.

Some examples of topics that clients can explore in coaching sessions are: 


  • Work-life balance
  • Dealing with stress & burnout
  • Enhancing personal and professional relationships
  • How to effectively deal with Life transitions/New career directions
  • Developing Intercultural competence skills and capacities when living abroad
  • Formulating a sense of direction through a vision of personal mastery
  • Dealing with specific issues: time management; procrastination; social anxiety; writer´s block, among others


Couple or Family Coaching for Expats

Families of executive expatriates (expats) face the challenges of relocation and multiple transitions in more ways than one. This massive change involves the confrontation of a new culture by moving children overseas; adapting to a new environment, and dealing with health and safety issues that can be very different from how things were at home. Furthermore, it can affect the relationship among partners as this move de-stabilizes personal and professional expectations. In this sense, Jessica Price coaches expatriate families by providing a safe space to address the burdens of relocation, offers support with transitional stressors, strengthens their adaptation strategies, by assisting in the development of effective intercultural communication skills and providing relevant country specific information.


Re-Entry Coaching

Whether an individual, a couple or a family, it can be challenging to leave a place once full integration has been reached, and the host culture feels like home. Leaving is not easy, and coming back to how things were before might be painful and stir up a strong sense of loss. Jessica Price offers “re-entry” coaching sessions to those who are about to return to their culture, or those who are already experiencing re-entry challenges, helping clients do the necessary “groundwork” to make this new transition manageable, reframing it as a growth opportunity.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is a process where an intimate space is designed to increase capabilities and performance of participants that share a personal or professional goal by taking “coaching conversations” to a small group context, where 5-15 individuals meet on a bi-weekly or monthly basis seeking to explore “anchoring themes”. In this group context, Jessica Price facilitates and guides not only the process that leads to goal achievement, but also, monitors problem solving and conflict management between group members, supporting self-monitoring and accountability mechanisms for participants. The process is outcome-oriented and accomplishes the following objectives:  


  • Establishes processes for setting/reviewing goals

  • Explores the causes of setbacks or progress failures

  • Establishes a success vision

  • Helps individuals articulate the values behind their success vision

  • Covers “anchor themes” and creates space for feedback on goal progression

  • Develops strategic skills

  • Improves problem solving and decision-making processes

  • Creates conditions for continued improvement


Some of the Topics that Jessica Price coaches in group contexts are:

  • Overcoming Procrastination: Effective Time & Life Management

  • Reaching Your Goals While Working Towards Your Doctoral Dissertation  (for international graduate students)

  • Overcoming Social Anxiety: Succeeding at Interacting in Social Groups, Presentations and Public Speaking  (international students)

  • Difficulties in relating with others? Developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Intercultural Competence and Communication: Overcoming cultural barriers and Learning How to Successfully Communicate Across Cultures

  • Performance related Stress: How to Successfully Manage Difficult Emotions and Succeed in Achieving Your Goals

  • Successful Relocation Abroad: Managing Effectively the Ups & Downs of Adjustment (for expatriates and their families)


Whether you would like to experience a process of Individual Coaching, Couple’s Coaching, Group Coaching, Family Coaching for Expats or Re-Entry Coaching; or whether you are interested in bringing Group Coaching to your organization, contact Jessica Price for a consultation on coaching services:



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