Individual Psychotherapy

Jessica Price works in 60 minutes sessions with her individual clients, establishing a collaborative counseling relationship, helping them understand the numerous and most significant personal, social and cultural influences affecting their current situation; and guiding them in working towards making connections between past and present parts of their stories and make visible their under-utilized or untapped personal resources, particularly crucial when dealing with psychological pain, due to migration, trauma, loss and life transitions.

Her experience in multicultural and international environments in Germany, the U.S. and Latin America makes her work culturally aware and opens rich possibilities for those who struggle with the challenges and pain of acculturation stress and transition. You can contact Jessica to help you with the following challenges:

  • Undergoing a recent relocation to a new culture that is emotionally overwhelming and where integration is difficult to achieve.
  • Experiencing a painful transition in life, while being abroad such as unemployment; divorce; illness and the loss of a loved one, among others.
  • Experiencing strong feelings of loss, depression and isolation while going through a major life transition.
  • Dealing with trauma (the aftermath of abuse; war related events or violence) as a foreigner or a migrant.
  • Suffering from any form of discrimination, stereotyping, bulling or bossing, and seeking to develop personal resilience as well as culturally relevant strategies to face these.
  • Experiencing severe personal pain while coming out as LGBTQ in a rejecting cultural environment.
  • Experiencing frustration and emotional pain while facing a new professional environment while being abroad.
  • Suffering instances of racism, prejudice and/or discrimination.
  • Experiencing “reverse culture shock”, or difficulty adjusting to one´s old national and cultural environment.

Jessica Price offers professional services that are not paid directly by health insurance companies (Krankenkassen), but her fees are reasonable and negotiable, as she supports special rates for international students, unemployed persons and seniors. For more information, send an email to:

Contact Jessica Price to schedule an appointment