About Dr. Jessica Price


Jessica PriceProfessional psychologist, trainer, coach and diversity specialist Dr. Jessica Price is a certified psychological counselor, with more than ten years of experience supporting international populations in Germany (Bremen), the U.S. (New York) and Central America, providing psychological counseling, crisis intervention, as well as, self-development trainings and workshops to international undergraduate and graduate students, university lecturers and global employees. She has now established a psychological practice offering culturally sensitive psychotherapy in the city of Bremen, in northern Germany.

In her work with clients, she creates a trusting, culturally aware and professional environment where it is possible to explore complex and painful stories, seeking to find resources, alternative paths and personal growth opportunities in the midst of life difficulties.

Having had experiences as an international student and world traveler, Jessica Price obtained her Masters Degree in “Counseling and Guidance” at New York University (NYU), working later in El Salvador and Guatemala as a human resources specialist with PricewaterhouseCoopers; as a cultural advisor for the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador, while offering psychological therapy in private practice, supporting individuals and couples.

In 2004, Jessica came to Bremen, and obtained a second Masters Degree in Social Sciences, and a doctoral degree in Psychology from Jacobs University Bremen. She also worked there as a “Psychological Counselor and Interculturalist” offering psychological therapy to students and academics from over 90 nationalities, and later served as Chair of the “Equal Opportunity Committee” addressing instances of discrimination and harassment. From these experiences, Jessica Price developed strong educational skills focused on diversity awareness and discrimination prevention. All of this, while she continued developing her therapeutic skills working towards a Narrative Therapy Diploma with the Institute of Narrative Therapy in London (UK) obtaining also a license to practice psychotherapy in Germany as a “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie” (Health Practitioner in Psychotherapy). Jessica Price is also a lecturer at the Hochschule Bremen, where she teaches courses such as: “Gender and Multiculturalism”, “Positive Psychology” and “Organizational Behavior”. She also develops trainings on Intercultural Competence for other Universities in Germany.

In 2017, Jessica has finally opened “Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy”, a trusting and safe space where international clients can be truly open about the challenges of being “lost in translation” and “lost in culture”. She is passionate about working with international individuals and couples who might be experiencing “transitions within transitions” helping them find a stronger and resilient sense of self that come after succeeding in facing the toughest moments of life and outgrowing them.

On her free time, Jessica enjoys going out and about in Bremen with her husband Marcelo, or meeting with her “Happiness Club” friends in Bremen. She also travels at least once a year to El Salvador, where she is committed to quality education for psychologists engaging with a local group called Psicolegas which she also represents in Germany.

Whether doing psychotherapy, training or coaching, Jessica Price brings cultural understanding, sensitivity, grit and the true capacity to mobilize personal growth in her clients.