Couples therapy is particularly helpful for cross-cultural couples, where partners come from different countries, nationalities, ethnicities, and religions, and may possess different beliefs and values, and therefore, face unique challenges.

Jessica Price works in 90 minutes sessions with couples where she develops a plan tailored to their knowledge, skills and capacities, seeking transformative reframing of their problems, so that they reach a more satisfying “living” experience as individuals in a relationship.

Jessica can help couples struggling with the following issues:

  • Conflict and communication difficulties with a romantic partner from a different cultural background
  • Struggling with “blended families” issues (couples with children from different partners) among intercultural couples
  • Facing pressures from family members who intervene in the relationship (in-laws, siblings, etc.)
  • Issues around emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Dealing with infidelity and feelings of betrayal
  • Deciding whether to stay together or not
  • Dealing with severe emotional pain in the process of separation and divorce, while being abroad
  • Debating over different cultural views on how to raise children
  • Struggling with issues of domestic violence and wanting to overcome the cycle of violence

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