Trainings & Workshops


Jessica Price is ready to deliver trainings or workshops to your organization. Please review the training´s below. You have also the option of using a combination of these trainings and workshops depending on what makes sense for your organization.


Intercultural Trainings

These are one-day training sessions for those working in international teams or with diverse populations:


1. “Reflective Cultural Competence Development for Expats and their Families”

The process of successfully navigating transition and developing the necessary skills to adapt and succeed in a professional new culture is complex and multifaceted for expat families; and it involves learning how to cope with the difficult feelings that emerge during critical transition points; gradually understanding and managing the new culture and eventually develop a new sense of familiarity and safety towards the new environment. In this training, Jessica Price will introduce expat individuals or families to strategies on how to:

  • Successfully cope with acculturation stress
  • How to overcome the challenges of continued conflict and cultural misunderstanding
  • Effectively anticipate and develop strategic responses to critical transition points
  • How to achieve continued cultural learning in order to make the most of the Expat experience


2. “From Emotional to Cultural Intelligence. Engaging Successfully in Diverse Environments

This training presents in detail what are the similarities and differences between emotional and cultural intelligence, and how can these be fostered and developed. It also offers practical tools for participants on how to develop their “emotional” and “cultural” IQ’s.


3. “Working successfully with Diverse Populations”

As Germany continues to evolve into a multicultural nation, more and more specialists in the fields of education and health are confronted with serving students, patients and clients with highly diverse backgrounds. This training will help those professionals develop cultural awareness and sensitivity through reflection, as well as knowledge and skill-building in order to increase their intercultural communication skills, and also learn how to develop culturally appropriate interventions with those populations that they support.


Skill Building Trainings

The following are two-day training sessions for those seeking to improve these crucial transferable skills: 


1. “Communication and Presentation Skills”

This training´s focus is on the crucial skills that impact the capacity to successfully manage professional presentations in international contexts. Some of these topics to cover include: how to manage effectively the mind, the body and emotions when conducting public speaking; handling speaking anxiety; effective presentation and preparation strategies; using body, face, voice and intercultural strategies when facing international audiences.


2. Resilience Building in the Face of Stress and Difficult Emotions

This course focuses on helping participants identify what are the major negative stressors in their lives, as well as successfully develop a “personal resilience plan” in order to address difficult emotions, so that failure and/or burnout can be prevented or more effectively dealt with. This course will have a strong focus on stress intervention strategies. 


3. Discovering the Right Career Path at Any Age!

When living abroad, sometimes new career directions have to be considered. Through experiential and narrative methods, this training creates a reflective space that helps undecided individuals identify their interests, aptitudes and transferable skills, in order to find the best fitting professional career path at any age.



The following are 4 to 8 hour workshops for those seeking to improve their skills at creating a better life:        

  • “Ten Top Stressors and How to Develop Resilience and Learn How to Face Them”
  • “How to Beat Procrastination and Other Self Defeating Behaviors”
  • “Standing for Yourself: Learn What Consent Means and How to Apply it in Your Life”
  • “Fear of Failure? Learn the New Skill: Using Failure to Succeed”
  • “How to Be an Effective Team Player in International Teams”
  • “Burnout: Prevention and Intervention Strategies”
  • “Writing about Life Goals: A Narrative Approach”
  • “Time Management Across Cultures”
  • Successful Expat Transition Management –What families can learn from Living Abroad”

Whether you would like to bring any of these trainings or workshops to your organization, contact Jessica Price for a consultation on Training Development for your organization:



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